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This time I want to share something about MMU position in World Ranking, South-East Ranking and in Malaysia ranking.I hope you enjoy reading my posting and be free to put comment towards this issue.

According to Webometrics, the top 10 universities are the ivy league - MIT, then Stanford, Harvard, UC Berkeley, Penn State Univ, Michigan, Cornell, Illinous Urbana Champaign, Wisconsin Madison, Texas Austin then Univ of Washington. The top in the list, for Asia’s best University, now goes to National University of Singapore (NUS), followed by National Taiwan University (NTU), then Keio University and Tokyo University.

Looking back at our South East Asia (SEA) Ranking, in the first place for year 2009 is of course NUS, then from number 2 until 4 and are all Thai Univ. followed by NTU in 5th place. RR is Regional Ranking and WR is World Ranking. USM is on the 13th place on SEA Univ ranking, even lagged behind the Indon Univ ITB and Gadjah Mada… well, this really surprised me. We are so lagged behind… in terms of Malaysian Ranking, it’s USM that makes it to the top, then followed by UTM, UM, UPM then only comes UKM…. this surprised me also… since when UM becomes like this? UM is 117 place lagged behind USM… wow! USM sure had made much progress then… But never mind, this ranking in Malaysia nobody will care. So, you are number one, so what? What normally will happen is that they would say this ranking is “not suitable” for Malaysia situation…. and we might still have the best university in the region. See! we are just a few places behind Thailand University…. and yeah, we still have the best university among the Islamic Countries…. yeah, we are still great. Malaysia Boleh!!!

Here, I provide the ranking of all universities in South-East Asia where you can see & find our universities(MMU) ranking start from 2007 till 2009. Before that, MMU still the best IPTS in Malaysia..yeahh.. but if comparing with all IPTA + IPTS .. our ranking is droping from 3rd place(2007) to 7th place(2009). What happen??? Is it because of ……….??yeah!!!

Ranking for Year 2007

**MMU still under Prof Gauth Jasmon


ranking for year 2008

** MMU under Prof Zahrin


Ranking for year 2009

**MMU under Prof Zahrin


So??… where are all the University College at Malaysia in the ranking? especially MMU ?? OK OK… I know now it’s being termed as University, but there’s no sign of any of them, not even shadows. Hopefully one day, in the year 2013, MMU will also be in the list of World Class University (WCU)… hopefully without the lottery 4d number and upgraded to the 1+3D ones. God Bless!

" Hidup MMU "


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