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Messi Or Ronaldo ???

Which one do you choose more ?
Ronaldo or Messi
I like both,
but for winning something,
there must be a single winner....

As the race for the Ballon d,Or heats up,
next month
I am sick n tired of this constant argument,
yet people choose not to follow logic
n current statistic of
the player

Messi is all great n superb n everyting,
but where is the evidence to prove that?

I don't know why people are making such a huge argument about this,
whether you love him or hate him,
nobody can even deny what he has achieved last season.

If you compare that to Messi last season,
his season was not good,
he is a brilliant player but he needs to prove
that by winning silverware n avoiding from blowing injury,
if he does,
then nothing can stop him.

Statistics n silverware are on Ronaldo side at the moment,
so any opinions you may have about Messi is irrelevant,
as he has nothing to prove that,

Messi is still quite young,
n needs to improve,
He's having a good future n can be
d replacement for MARADONA

As for Ronaldo,
he has achieved what he had to achieve.

The premier League is the hardest league
to play in n he dominates.

He’s a complete player.
Great right foot n left foot.
Deadly in the air n great free kicks.
Great vision of the game n a fantastic dribbler.
To top it off the best finisher in the world.
40 goals in last season
is enough to prove him as
d greatest footballer in dis world

"There isn’t one player in the world as complete as Ronaldo."

You may not like this guy,
but as a professional soccer player;
there isn’t one out there that can match him

especially Malaysian Player ...:)
ha ha ha


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  1. ~filzah~ said...
    i love c.ronaldo..
    he is so hot!!!~


    i agree with u, mr faizun..
    he is such a superb player..
    evntgh, he seems like berlagak all the time esp when he turns to become an actor at field,
    but still, he is the best football player....

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