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Chelsea !!! Chelsea !!!!

Yes !!!
biar ape pun komen Sir Alex...
menang tetap menang...

"""Dear Sir Alex,
the last goal scored by Wayne Rooney
was also in an off-side position.
I agree that the referee sucked.
But blaming for the loss in this case,
I guess, wasn't a very wise choice of yours"

kali nie tuah berpihak kepada
"the Blues"

"Our's ...."

" To Man U, Arsenal & Liverpool ... Beware !!"

Sepakan lemah Evra(pemain kontroversi) membolehkan
Kami bersorak awal..

Are "the Blues" getting stronger under Carlo Ancheloti ???

lets wait n see on this coming weekend for
first kick of new season 09/10

pesanan to Man U supporters :

" man u still requires a fearful striker like ronaldo "


  1. .: F@!n :. said...
    tu r chelsea menang sebab tuah kan????? so tak leh bangga sgt la...hahaha... :p
    PeJun said...
    memang tuah pon..harap2 "tuah" akan sentiaa berpihak kpd chelsea utk new seaso :D

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