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There was a time when our country was regarded
as a place with peace and harmony where everyone was happy,
the economy was good,
crime rate was at minimal,
and politicians were like our friends.

Those time have changed,
everyday we wake up in fear of demonstrations,
road blocks,
price hikes etc
. The government gives all kind of reasons for implementing actions to evade
such situations but honestly speaking,
does the government think that we are stupid?

We elect all of you,
but instead you people make our life miserable with all these so-called
‘people-eccentric’ actions.

There is no press freedom for if we take any local newspaper,
we see that all it supports are the actions of the government.
They never highlight the people’s grouses.

Of course,
not only the media but the enforcement agencies also.
I used to be a loyal reader of a well-known local newspaper,
but nowadays I don’t feel the sense of purity or openness of the news published in it.

On the recent arrest of a famous ex-minister,
it's very clear even in the mind of a six-year-old
that what we're seeing now is a mere drama.
The public just wants to lead a normal life so please
don’t make us suffer with uneducated styles of action that burden the rakyat.

We don’t want road-blocks,
we don’t want your petty political issues.
We just want a normal peaceful life.


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